Photography (1)

So the past two saturdays I’ve been doing what I love most: studying photography and taking loads of pictures! Photography has since long been a love of mine, so when I moved to Dubai I decided to take it to a more professional level. That said, I found GPP and booked myself a level 2 photography course …and it was GREAT!

First of all, we had a great teacher: David Bell. He’s patient, has funny stories and sure knows his photography! Second, I loved talking to people who actually understand terms like ‘ aperture, shutterspeed and ISO’ (and not feel like a total nerd ;)). Third: the homework David gave us gave me a good excuse to take loads and loads (and loads) of pictures! 

The weather is still quite hot at the moment, but I can’t wait till I get the chance to really discover Dubai with my new learned camera skills! Oh and the 25th of October my level 3 course starts…looking forward to it!

Here are some of my homework pictures:









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