So this weekend…

  • We had fun at the Dutch in Dubai drink (although it was less fun the next morning…)
  • We made our own big weekend breakfast and it was delicious! :) I actually tried to order some croissants and bread at a Suisse Bakery, but unfortunately something went wrong and we didn’t get any bread. Will try it again though..I have to try the Zopfe! (and for those of you who don’t know what zopfe is: only the most tasty bread in the universe! ;))
  • Image
  • We went kitesurfing and it went terribly wrong! :S Frank started out great, but then got into trouble..he fell so hard it knocked him out for a few seconds and then his kite started looping. In the end, our kite instructor went to rescue him and  it took about 1,5 hours. I’m just so happy Frank woke up again had the strength to swim back!! Brr..
  • We met some very very very kind people who found Franks lost kiteboard and waited for more than an hour for us to return! Shukran!!! :)
  • Frank made me breakfast the next day to forget everything that happened the day before :) Thank you my love, it was delicious!


  • We went to the Dubai Fleamarket in Safa Park. But was so hot, we quickly went for lunch at a nice little restaurant near Gate 5 (don’t know the name!) We’ll be back when it’s a bit cooler :)


  • We met Inge and Joost at the Jetty Lounge to relax and drink some fruit cocktails…great fun!! :)



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