So this weekend we…

  • Had a yummy breakfast at Paul (JBR)! Just like last time, people were literally standing in line for this delicious breakfast. :) And it was goooood! It’s also the best place for people spotting, a big plus in my opinion!


  • Went to the beach…and we were not the only ones…! Boy, what a busy day it was, people everywhere! But who can blame them (and us): the weather is just perfect right now!


  • Had a lovely and gezellig (sorry there is just no English word to replace the Dutch ‘gezellig’ ;)) dinner at Brice (Hilton sky bar), with Inge and Joost :)! Only a few weeks left to use all those Entertainer voucher, so we’ll be going on a lot of ‘fine dining’ dates ;)!
  • Went to Yas Waterworld, wiehooo! Frank and I are big fans of waterparks, so when I moved here we promised each other to  try every single one of them. So far, we’ve been to Wild Wadi, Aquaventure (but haven’t tried the new slides yet) and Yas. Inge, also a BIG waterpark fan, joined us last saturday and we had an amazing day: three little kids in a world full of water and fun! :D Sorry, no pictures, but I’m sure you can imagine the look on our faces when we first entered the parkt (Joohooo!) and when we left (freezing, but so happy ;)).

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