This week, Franks parents are in Dubai. It is great to have them staying with us. Especially during the evenings, when we eat together, it’s nice to hear their adventures of the day and tell them ours:). A good opportunity for me to get to know them better. 

….But last night, Frank decided it was time to spend an evening with just the two of us: datenight! We met at the Dubai Mall after Frank was done working, and had a nice dinner at Bateel (still our favourite breakfast spot). Dinner was oke..not very special, but since we were both super hungry, it was all good :)! After that we went for a little walk around the fountains. We especially loved watching all the other people watching! ;) 

Last stop: the cinema! We had heard great stories about ‘ Gravity’ and believe me: they are all true! Wow, what an intense and thrilling movie! This was just completely different from every movie I’ve ever seen before…brrr..

To get the picture of Sandra Bullock lost in space out of our heads, we cranked up the radio on our way back and danced all the way back home :). Great date if you ask me!


Oh…and Xmas has started here in Dubai! Jippieiei!! ;) 




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