O rainy days..

Today is a rainy day here in Dubai: grey skies, strong winds and lots of raindrops. I must say, as a Dutch girl, I love these days! So I put on my sneakers and my new hat and walked to the Marina Mall with a big smile on my face. I realise I must have looked a bit crazy…



So what better way to spend this rainy day with Sanne tasting some proper Dutch Delights? (Little) More Cafe is the only place in Dubai where you can get dutch food. I know: the Dutch kitchen isn’t much compared to the Italian or French kitchen, but hey, we do have some delicious snacks!

Today we tried the Croquettes (kroketten) first and they were so yummy! Just look at them (and my happy face)…wow!



And then it was time for Poffertjes!! I never thought in a million years that I would find Poffertjes in Dubai..but there they were and they tasted like real Dutch Poffertjes! They even came with butter and powdered sugar..If you ever get the chance to taste them: please do!



Thanks Sanne and Little More for making this day feel like a Dutch Rainy Day :) (And now: Let the sun shine!! ;))


2 thoughts on “O rainy days..

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