Foodie friday market

Wow…it’s been a busy week! Job interviews, volunteering at Al Noor, writing for the Hollandse Nieuwe (Magazine for Dutch expats), making our own christmas decorations with Inge (will post about that later) etc etc! So this friday, Frank and I decided it was time to do something fun: visit Ripe’s foodie friday market at Safa Park! :)

In Holland we are kind of spoiled with local farmers markets and Frank and I loved to visit them. So we were very curious to see what this market would be like. 

First thing we noticed: wow this market is big! :D Lot’s of stands with fresh fruit, local vegetables, gluten free cookies, dog cookies, food, flowers (!), beautiful handmade items, happy people etc. Second thing I noticed: wow look at those bags! Second thing Frank noticed: wow let’s get some food! ;) Well of course we did both and had a superfun time. Unfortunately two food stands were out of food when we arrived, but hey those things happen. (Will try them next time!) Honestly: imagine grey skies and a bit of rain and it’s just our streekmarkt at the Twijnstraat in Utrecht! ;) 

It’s safe to say we are big big fans of te Foodie market at Safa park and will definitely be back, good job Ripe! :) 


..And I bought a beautiful bag from Stephanie Deaves! It was very hard to pick one…so many lovely designs! :) Well worth a visit next time you visit the market.



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