Sinterklaas Kapoentje

Yesterday I returned to Dubai from my trip to Sweden en the Netherlands. I will post some photos and maybe a video soon, but first I wanted to post some photos of our Sinterklaas celebrations! :)

Sinterklaas is kinda hard to explain to people who are not from Holland. Let’s just say it is a bit like christmas: spending time with your family and friends and giving presents with (silly) poems to eachother. This year my sister and I were together in Sweden, but without our Mum and Boudewijn! So we decided to celebrate this years Sinterklaas in a very modern way: via Skype! They had left some presents and poems (Sinterklaas tradition) for us during their last visit to my sister :). Just look at our happy was fun! (Not as fun as ‘live’, but still fun!)




The next day, we still had a little live Sinterklaas celebration with Loes :) FUN! And thanks again for the lovely presents! 







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