Happy New Year!

Happy twenty fourteen everybody! May all your wishes come true! :)

We started on 30th of December with a Dutch tradition: we made oliebollen! Or Frank made oliebollen and I supervised ;) (there is no English word for them, but they are delicious and very bad for you: I love them!). Kind of funny to make oliebollen on the 42nd floor..



Then NYE came and Frank and I (and of course a couple of oliebollen) took the metro at 7.30 pm to see the Burj Khalifa! There was a world record fireworks show on the Palm, but I’ve always wanted to see the Burj Khalifa fireworks….and we were not the only ones! It was 8 pm (!) and there were people everywhere! We managed to find a perfect spot though, so I was happy :) Just before 12 it started getting a bit too crowded, people were fainting etc, so that was pretty scary. But when the fireworks started, we forgot all about that: it was B E A UTIFUL! I made a few pictures, but honestly, when you stand there it’s just overwhelming! I even forgot to wish Frank a happy new year ;) haha! 




Hope you had a wonderful NYE and we wish you all the best for 2014! (Now off to the gym…new years resolutions…blegh ;))


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