Because of the busy holidays, I haven’t posted about our recent visitors yet! The movies I’ve made are are too long to post on this blog…so here are some pictures! :)

Just before I went to Sweden, Franks parents came to visit us! :) We did some fun things together. We took a ferry to the Creek, had a lovely BBQ in Al Safa Park, went to Bab al Shams to see the sunset (we missed it of course ;)). We also went to Abu Dhabi for a day. First time for me! We had some cappuccino with a bit of gold, went to the mosque (beautiful!!) and visited Al Manarat. At that time there was ‘ Art Abu Dhabi’. Great to see so much local art! You could also see the plans they have for the Louvre and Guggenheim…wow..too bad we have to wait a couple of years! (you can see what I mean here :))

All in all it was great to have them here and to get to know them better! 




The week before Christmas, when I returned from Holland, I brought my father and José with me! (they arrived literally ten minutes after me..;)) It was there first time in Dubai, so it was great to see their reactions! :) The first weekend we took them on a little road trip around the UAE and had a bbq at a lovely spot in the mountains of Al Fujairah. Furthermore, they visited the Burj Khalifa, went to the Old town and of course enjoyed the sun! (Believe me, when you arrive from Holland in december, that’s just the most important thing ;)). We also had some tasty meals together and it was great to show them my life here. And for Frank to get to know them a little better. It was fun!!




Now it’s almost time for our next visitors: Wieke and Jose! See you saturday ladies! :)


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