I’m sad! Just said goodbye to my dear friends Jose and Wieke who were with us for five days. Way to short if you ask me…!

They arrived last saturday late in the afternoon in the middle of a rain storm: welkom to Dubai! ;) We started off with a nice meal at our favourite Lebanese (Mir A Min) and a walk around Dubai Marina. I loved to see the surprise on their faces: reminds me how special it is to be living here! The rest of the week we soaked up the sun (it’s cold in Holland, so getting some tan was priority number one :)), went to three malls (and didn’t even buy that much clothes…), went to the 360 bar and Mahiki (ladies night!) and just enjoyed catching up and being in each others company :). Of course they also went to the Creek, the Dubai museum and the gold and spice souk. Going to miss them so much!

(I’m planning on making a little movie, but for now just a selfie:)



Bye ladies, hope to see you again soon!!


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