Camping in Fujairah

Last weekend we camping in Fujairah with 7 Dutchies and 1 Britt. I know, it’s freezing outside (at least for Dubai standards), but hey: nothing we couldn’t handle!

We first drove to the mangroves in Khor Kalba for a nice little picknick in the sun. And when I say little, I mean big! ;) After that: time to go to Fort Hayl. Once there, the ‘ tourist official’ decided to give us the ‘grand tour’. Great to see the proud look on his face! 







It started to get dark, so we headed further into the wadi to find a camping spot. Unfortunately Adriens car didn’t agree and after only a few meters off road, it decided to get stuck :P. Just as we thought we would have to camp in the middle of the road, Adriens car came loose and off we went: further into the mountains (just a little less off road). 

Once we found a nice spot and all tents were ready, it was time for the BBQ and of course: marshmallows! :) It was great fun just to sit around the campfire in the middle of nowhere, (freezing), talking with friends, watching the stars…Loved it! We had some first time campers with us and they loved it too! Can’t wait to go again!







4 thoughts on “Camping in Fujairah

    • Hi there, of course! Problem is that we sort of ended up there by chance..all I remember is that we drove to Fort Hayl in Fujairah and then drove past it, into the mountains…the camping spot we ended up using was actually right along the dirt road. There are many good spots there! :) Hope that helps!

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