Bye Bye Al Noor!

I have been volunteering at Al Noor Centre for Disabled Children since a few months and sadly: today was my last day. To be honest: I’m very happy to start a new full time job soon, but it’s still sad to say goodbye to ‘my boys’ of SB3 and of course the teachers! 

They even surprised me with this beautiful hand made card and bag (and a big hug from all of them!). Needless to say: I was touched :)


Via this blog I want to tell everyone who reads this and lives in Dubai what a great job they are doing at Al Noor. I am so impressed with Neelima and Rashmi, ‘my’ two teachers. They are strong, creative and, most of all, very patient women who try to make every day a beautiful day for the boys of SB3. And believe me, that isn’t always an easy task! So if you live in Dubai and have some spare time, just think of them :) They can use all the help they can get! And trust me, although it’s sometimes hard and frustrating, in the end it just feels great tho see these kids smile!


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