Japan part 3 (Takayama)

So after a beautiful trip with the Shinkansen (bullet train) we ended up in Takayama, in a region called ‘The Japanese Alps’. Both Frank and I are big fans of the mountains, so we were very exited to breath in the fresh mountain air again!  In Takayama we would be sleeping in a typical Japanese Ryokan (a sort of Japanese style hotel with breakfast and dinner included). We’d heard great things about the food and they all turned out to be true! Wauw, the food was so special: like little pieces of art! Sometimes you just had no idea what you were eating, great fun! (especially when there is raw octopus involved ;)) I had honestly never seen anything like it, a tip for anyone who is going to visit Japan! :)


(and yes that is us doing some kung-fu moves…nerds…;))

The first day we took the bus to the Okuhida region, where there were supposed to be some great onsen (a bath with natural hot spring water). After trying several times without any luck we finally found a great onsen and the best part: we had it all to ourselves! 

The fact that we could not find the onsen right away was actually a good thing: gave us some time to wonder around and enjoy the beautiful day and the beautiful views :)



Back in Takayama we found this little shrine, covered with cherry blossom! Actually: all of Takayama was covered in cherry blossom! Another tip: visit Japan in April! I promise you it’s te very best time, just look:




….Don’t you love it? :)



One thought on “Japan part 3 (Takayama)

  1. Hello daughter, beautifull pictures from your holiday in Japan: fellie good! It must have been a great time there in the east!!! Thank you for shearing the pictures with us. And now back to work and to the “normal” live in Dubai, ahum.
    X, Daddy

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