Japan Part 5 (Kyoto)

Hello Kyoto!

After a few fantastic days in the Japanese Alps it was time for our next stop: Kyoto. The hotel we booked was right next to the station., perfect! We were a bit early, so we had to stand in line for 5 minutes (what is it with Japanese and standing in line?)…Franks favourite thing ;)..but hey..as soon as we were checked in it was time to do some strolling around, drinking coffee and spotting kimonos. Never realised so many Japanese still wear them :) Also: love the green hills/mountains surrounding the city!

The second day we rented a bike and cycled all the way to the old Geisha district (big memoirs of a geisha fan! ;)) and visited a few old shrines and temples…beautiful! At one of the shrines we met an old Japanese man who started talking to us and in the end even gave us a beautiful hand painted fan :) …Such kind and polite people! Highlight for me: seeing a real Geisha and Maiko (student)…magical! The thing with Kyoto is that there is culture and history everywhere you look..loved it!

The third day we took the train to northern Kyoto to visit the bamboo grove: a bit busy unfortunately, but still a magical place! In the afternoon we rented a little boat and just enjoyed the sun, the water and the big birds (buzzards? eagles? I don’t know) diving into the water and catching fish…what a show! :D











2 thoughts on “Japan Part 5 (Kyoto)

  1. Very lovely pictures ^^ I’m glad you had a great time ^^ It looks like the young ladies that you thought were Geisha and maiko, however, are instead young ladies who paid a studio to dress them up as Maiko. It’s a popular tourist activity around there ^^ But the pictures are still very beautiful!

    • Hi there…yeah you are probably right! But we did get a chance to see the real deal during a maiko dance :) Just don’t have good pictures of them, only video! Just saw your blog…You seem to know a lot about them!

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