A fun day in Den Bosch

About two weeks ago, Frank and I were a week in Holland to spend time with our friends and family and to attend a beautiful wedding. My plan was to post about this last week, but unfortunately I’ve been in bed all week with the flu..actually I still have the flu, but finally have enough energy to get out of bed and sit behind a computer :) Pff..

So here is another post from Holland: on Wednesday we spent a great day in Den Bosch with Frank and his parents. It was Frank’s mother’s birthday and they surprised us with a trip to Den Bosch. Of course we had to get a ‘Bosche Bol’ (the delicious looking chocolate thing below :)) to celebrate! We also to a little cruise down the ‘Binnendieze’ (a sort of canal through the centre of Town). While Frank an I were e bit sceptical when we saw the average age of our fellow travelers, it turned out to be great! The tourist guide did a great job and it was very fun and interesting, definitely a to-do if you ever visit Den Bosch!

We finished with some beers and a lovely dinner :). Great day! Thanks in-laws! (sorry, just had to use this word ;))



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