Namasté from Nepal! (1)

Namasté from Nepal! Well actually, we arrived in Dubai last night, but this just sounds so much better :)

We spent the last two weeks in Nepal and it was just one big beautiful adventure: seeing and trekking in the Himalaya, chilling in Pokhara, chaotic Kathmandu, historic Bhaktapur, we loved it all!

Let’s start at the beginning: On the 14th November we flew from Dubai to Kathmandu and this was our first view of the amazing Himalaya (please don’t ask me which mountains..still have a hard time keeping them apart):


After arriving in Kathmandu we took a taxi to our hotel in Thamel. I have to say: our first impression of the city was not a very good one: people, dogs and worst of all: piles of waste everywhere :( Such a shame! Luckily our hotel was a quiet oasis in the middle of all that chaos:


After a good night sleep and a hot shower, we were ready to face Kathmandu again! Our second impression was much better than the first one, so we used our day to visit Thamel, Durbar square and the Garden of Dreams. I personally found Durbar square really interesting: a great mix of colours, people, temples, statues and flowers. The Garden of Dreams turned out to be a little smaller than we had imagined, but we still had a great time having lunch and watching all the young couples holding hands and giggling around us! :)

IMG_8874 Durbar IMG_8863 IMG_8878 IMG_8882 IMG_8894 IMG_8898 IMG_8901 IMG_8904 IMG_8909


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