Namaste from Nepal (2)

Namaste again! :) Sorting out photos takes a bit longer than expected, but I managed to select some of our next few days in Nepal..

After two nights in Kathmandu we were ready for some fresh mountain air, so we took a tiny propellor plane (Buddha air) to Pokhara! Being on the domestic airport and catching the flight was quite an experience as well..l still don’t know how we did it, but in the end we managed to get in Pokhara an hour earlier than expected! :)

During our one day in Pokhara we arranged the Poon hill trek with ‘Pristine trekking’ (which would start the next day) and spent some time relaxing the many cafés Pokhara has to offer and on the lake.


The next day 8am, it was finally time to do what we came to Nepal for: trekking! :D I was kind of nervous, but mostly very exited! After a one hour drive, we started our first day hike in Nayapul.


The first part of the trek was pretty easy to be honest..but then..we had to climb 3000 steps! (these would be the first of many many many more steps, but I didn’t know that yet ;)) Pretty exhausting for someone who is used to taking the elevator to the 42nd floor! :)

Our guesthouse in Tikhedunga was amazing, really so much better than expected! We had our own little room and even a short hot shower! And the best part? Waking up the next morning to see the top of one of the Annapurna mountains..(and having Tibetan bread for breakfast, yumm!)


Both the view and the breakfast gave us a lot of energy to face the new day and all the new steps to climb to Ghorepani. The trek was amazingly beautiful and again quite tough. I was so happy to see the gates of Ghorepani!



As you can see from our very charming photos: it was pretty cold up there! (around 2800 meters) We spent the rest of the day drinking tea, eating Dal Bat and warming by the fire :)

The next morning, 5 am, it was time to walk to the highest point of our trek: Poon Hill. And I really hate to admit it…but I didn’t make it all the way to the top :(. I don’t know if it was the cold, the time, the altitude or the fact that I didn’t have any breakfast (anyone who knows me will probably say the last one..), but just before the top, I just couldn’t take one more step. So yeah kind of sad we didn’t reach our ultimate goal (sorry Frank), but also kind of happy we got to enjoy the magical sunrise with just the two of us and our sweet guide Bell :).




2 thoughts on “Namaste from Nepal (2)

  1. Hoi Anouk!
    Zo leuk om al die bekende plekken voorbij te zien komen!
    Wij hebben de tocht naar Poon Hill helaas niet kunnen maken, omdat het weer die dag te slecht was, maar zijn daarna nog verder door getrokken naar Annapurna Base Camp.
    Het ziet er ook een stuk kouder uit dan bij ons (wij waren er in okt 2013). We hebben wel veel regen gehad en bij ABC zelfs sneeuw, maar als je eenmaal zo ver bent gekomen is het zo mooi allemaal en ik zou zo weer een keer een trekking gaan maken!

    • Ha Margreet!

      Wat leuk dat jullie daar ook zijn geweest!
      Ja het is inderdaad echt zo mooi allemaal..ik ben echt heel blij dat we gegaan zijn :)
      Annapurna basecamp zal vast nog mooier zijn, omdat je dan nog hoger komt..wie weet kunnen we dat ooit ook nog gaan doen.


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