Hieperdepiep (x2)

On 5th December, a day after my father arrived in Dubai, we celebrated the birthday of ‘Sinterklaas!’. A typical Dutch celebration that involves gifts, pepernoten, taai taai and of course little poems..I don’t know how else to describe it: you each write a little poem about the other: have you been good this year? (most of the time the answer is ..NO!) ;)

It was great fun! We started the night of with pancakes and my dad had brought some gifts from Holland with him. The poems were (of course) very high quality and not at all sarcastic ;)..great night!



Six days later it was my turn! Bye bye 27…hello 28! :D I don’t know about you, but 28 sounds pretty grown up to me…pff! Anyway..I was so happy to celebrate this day with Frank and my dad! Frank had a day full surprises planned: from a breakfast with lots of amazing gifts and cards (from Holland too!), to a little surprise party with friends, a delicious dinner and a movie..and there is more: tomorrow we’re going to Abu Dhabi to see a great exhibition in the Manarat Al Saadiyat and (best of all!) see the Nutcracker! Thank you so much for making this an incredible birthday! And a big big thank you to my friends and family for the cards, messages, videos, songs, photos…you are the best!! Looking forward to seeing you all in two weeks! Bring it on 28! :)



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