Merry and Bright :)

This year we got to celebrate Christmas home in Holland with our family and friends! Christmas last year in Dubai was fun..but I guess nothing beats being home this time of year :)

First things first: our Dubai Christmas tree! Check out the UAE bauble Frank gave me for my birthday hehe…



On the 23rd of December we took a plane to Holland and after a windy descent arrived save and sound in Amsterdam! There we had the best ‘welcome’ by Inge and her baby son :) So great to see out Dubai friends again! Later that night Joost joined as well and we had a lovely dinner together..(Could you please come back to Dubai now?! We miss you!)

Next morning we took the train to Arnhem, as it was time for the first Christmas celebration at my dad’s house! This year the theme of the evening was ‘Italian’, so we created a little Italian restaurant in casa di papa! :D Well believe me, we may be Dutch, but we sure do sound like a proper Italian family! What a great (and loud) night!! :)



25th December: Christmas day! After unpacking some presents at my dad’s house (wiehoo!), we took the train again..this time to Oss, to Frank’s parents. Frank’s mother had cooked us a wonderful 4 course meal as you can see below. They also took us for a stroll around Oss and surprised us with even more presents! (wiehoo!) It was great to see them again and spend this Christmas day together!


26th December, Second Christmas day (at least in Holland) and my mom’s birthday! :) After another train ride we arrived in Zevenaar, at my mom’s house. Of course we had to start with birthday kisses, presents and apple pie! Happy 27 mom! ;) Later that day it was time for yet another family dinner (honestly I can’t get enough of them :))! This time we decided to ‘gourmet’. I honestly have no idea how to translate that, but it comes down to grilling meat and veggies on a grill on the table. It turned out to be another loud, cosy and tasty evening :)



…and the best surprise ever? SNOW! Actual snow in Holland! :D I so enjoyed walking in the snow, breathing the fresh winter air, feeling freezing cold and warming up with friends over a cup of tea :) What a perfect ending to a great Christmas trip!!



One thought on “Merry and Bright :)

  1. Fijn en gezellig was het om samen met jullie Kerst te vieren! Gezellig samen zijn, veel bijpraten, lekker eten, wandelen en natuurlijk genieten van Peters show als kerstman! Dank jullie wel voor de persoonlijke cadeau’s! Leuk is het om ze regelmatig tegen te komen, vast te pakken, om te doen en even aan jullie te denken. Lieve groet Hennie

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