Happy new year!

Mm it’s the 12th today…am I even allowed to say this?..ah well..I’ll say it anyway: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

One of my resolutions was to keep up with my blog posts..first fail of 2015!

Wanted to share some our fun (new) new year’s traditions. On new years eve we started with a tradition we started last year: baking oliebollen on our balcony! Nothing beats seeing Frank baking oliebollen while at the same time admiring the view of the Marina ;) hehe..In case you were wondering: they were delicious!


The next morning (after a FUN night with lots of food (thanks to the amazing Sanne), champagne and ridiculous dance moves), it was time for another typical Dutch tradition: de nieuwjaarsduik! (new year’s dive) This basically means us dutchies wear orange Unox hats, have ‘erwtensoep’ and take a dive in the ice-cold ocean! Luckily the water in Dubai was comfortably warm..we did stick to the hat and erwtensoep though! We’ll certainly keep doing this every year..well at least as long as we’re in Dubai ;)


Have an amazing 2015 everyone, may all your dreams come true!


4 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. Oeee, wat zien die oliebollen er heeeeerlijk uit! Goede traditie! En met wat voor achtergrond / het lijkt wel een poster! De start van jullie nw jaar klinkt goed; gewoon zo door gaan. We verheugen ons op onze komst! Duurt nog even, maar de gedachte aan de zon is al fijn; alhoewel hij piept nu ook even tussen de wolken door; kijkt meteen anders! Fijne week verder!

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