Roadtrip Oman!

Road trip time = my favourite time! :) Finally, last week, we went on the road trip we planned two years ago! (Why did we wait for two years? mm that’s a long story which involves destroying someone else’s car and getting towed back to Dubai ;)) Anyway…we decided to try again!


It took us about 6 hours to get to our first destination: the Alila resort on top of Jabal Akhdar. I have to say, the resort was simply ‘wow’: not only were the rooms beautiful, you also have the most amazing view of the canyon. Highly recommended!




After an afternoon at the pool, a lovely dinner and a good night sleep, we decided to go on a little hike the following morning. We ended up just wondering around the mountains near the canyon, enjoying the beautiful views around us. What a magical place! Can’t believe we only discovered it now…!



Next day we were off to Ras Al Jinz, but not before we had some lunch and took a little dive in Whadi Bani Khalid. Remember those ‘mirages’ in the middle of the desert? Well…they exist! A green lush oasis, with water, palmtrees, little waterfalls and tiny fish nibbling at your feet.


IMG_0001 IMG_0038

Around 5 in the evening we arrived at Ras Al Jinz, the turtle reserve just south if the city Sur. After a quick nap in our fancy tent and a nice Omani meal, we headed out at 9 pm to spot some turtles :) And lucky us: there she was, a beautiful big turtle laying her eggs on the beach. Honestly: one of the most moving experiences ever! And a few minutes later two more emerged from the ocean. Pff..a must see! Oh and did I mention the baby turtles? How cute are they!


The next morning at 5am we went on a tour again and we were lucky enough to spot one more big one and a few tiny ones :) After that it was time for another long drive to Muscat, the final destination of our road trip. Half way we made a quick stop at a sink hole:

collagesinkhole IMG_0093

In Muscat (were it was 40 degrees!?) we spent our 1,5 day at the Souq, at the pool and at Starbucks ;) hehe..

collagemuscat1 collagemuscat2

On our last night, after a quick trip to the mall (we forgot to bring our formal clothes ;)) we went to see a famous Omani composer in the Opera building in Muscat. Again: highly recommended! Beautiful building, beautiful Omani music and beautiful Omani people all dressed up! Loved it :) (Thanks for the surprise Frank!).

Overall an amazing road trip..can’t believe it took us two years to go! ;)


5 thoughts on “Roadtrip Oman!

  1. Nu pas lees ik je blog over jullie mooie trip naar Oman. Natuurlijk wel al over gehoord 😊 . Mooie foto’s! Peter zit Spaans voetbal te kijken, heb ik dus even tijd om met m’n tel te spelen! 😉 groetjes Hennie . We genieten hier! Tot gauw! Gr aan Frank

    • Thanks, hope you’re doing well! You should definately beautiful and ‘pure’! :) And about that first trip..let’s just say we managed to destroy a car we borrowed from a colleague on the second day of what was supposed to be a two week trip ;)…

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