5 days in Cappadocia

About two weeks ago, I followed Frank to Istanbul, from where we took a quick one hour flight to Kayseri. From Kayseri we drove to what turned out to be one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in: Hezen Cave Hotel. Charming, clean, warm, beautiful and super friendly: I recommend this hotel to anyone who is thinking about visiting Cappadocia!

collagehotel IMG_0257 IMG_0271

On day one we spent the morning strolling around the little town and visiting the palace (the beautiful rock you can see on the picture above). The afternoon was filled with rain, so we played cards and made plans for the following days with the lovely helpful staff of Hezen hotel.

For the following three days we rented a car and drove around the region: from Göreme to Avanos, from Urgüp to the lovely valley of Ilhara, from underground villages to cave churches, from amazing food to open roads. We loved every second of it!

collage1 collage2 IMG_0314 IMG_0451 IMG_0485

….but the most magical moment of all? Seeing hundreds of colourful hot air balloons floating by at 5 am in the morning.Wow! If you’re looking of a fairy-tail-once-in-a-lifetime experience: visit Cappadocia and go see the balloons! Trust me, you won’t regret it :)


IMG_0370 IMG_0490


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