A month in the UK (1)

A road trip through the UK has always been on my bucket list…it’s just when you live in Holland, you don’t really need another rainy summer! So now that we’ve had an overload of sun in the past year (is there such a thing? Don’t think so! :)), we decided it was time for a road trip through England, Wales and Scotland, yippie!

We started our journey in London, where we collected our ‘Spaceship’ called Rachet: the campervan that would be our home for the next 4,5 weeks or so. A few minutes later we had our first experience with driving on the left…with a big van…in a busy city..let’s just say it wasn’t pretty! ;) Luckily Frank quickly got the hang of it and has truly surprised me with his great driving skills, especially on those narrow Scottish roads..pff!

First stop: Stonehenge! What a beauty! I like a bit of a mystery and the fact that they still don’t really know what Stonehenge was/is, is just fascinating to me. The fact that it was cloudy and rainy only really added to the experience..IMG_0795

Next stop: the stunning roman city called Bath. By the time we arrived in Bath, the weather had really improved, which made our tour around the city much more enjoyable. Highlights: a visit to the famous Roman Baths (hence the name Bath) and the sight of the ‘Royal Crescent’. This is ‘crescent’ of houses, which features in many Jane Austin novels and movies.

collage Roman Baths



A glimpse of the Brecon Beacons in the South of Wales was next on our list. Frank and I both loved this area: green, green, green, beautiful hills, castles, sheep dogs, very friendly people. We would love to come back some day and spend more time there..

collage Wales 1



I’ll finish part 1 with our visit to the Cotswolds and Oxford. The Cotswolds really are a must-see if you love little, cute, ‘Midsomer Murder’ villages. I loved the little cottages and tearooms and flowers everywhere..was a bit disappointed that I didn’t see any detectives roaming around.. ;) Oxford makes you just want to study again! Wow, those collages are amazing! Tradition and history everywhere you look!

collage Cotswolds collage Oxford


One thought on “A month in the UK (1)

  1. Ook deze vakantie was mi weer bijzonder voor jullie. Ik Lijk uit naar deel 2en de verhalen over het wonen in Antwerpen Lgr Hennie

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