Two days in the Ardennes

On 12th September we were off on our very first trip in our new home country: Belgium :) We were in need of some green, fresh air and exercise, so we strapped on our hiking shoes and drove off to the Ardennes. A lovely B&B near Malmedy to be precise.

We were in luck: the weather forecast was horrible (rain rain and some more rain), but as often happens in these unpredictable parts of the world: it turned out to be wrong :). After arriving in our beautiful B&B, we did a 4,5 hour hike and ended up in Malmedy where we ate some horrible pizza (I thought you couldn’t go wrong with pizza..I was wrong ;))..and fell asleep at 8 pm.

The next day we drove to Spa, where we just wondered around, visited a market, ate some pie and had a look at the Spa spa…too bad we didn’t bring our bathing suits! We also bought a ‘Tintin’ comic to practise our French..turns out we are not as fluent as we once were.. ;)

Here are some photos of our two days..can’t wait to come back in a few months when everything is covered in snow! :)

IMG_1835 IMG_1843 IMG_1837

collage1 collage2




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