Happy 2016!

Hello everyone! I would like to wish you all an amazing 2016 with lots of happy days and new adventures :)

We finished 2015 (and started 2016) with a great family and food filled Christmas and a trip to Paris. When we visited Paris last November, we just had time to do the ‘highlights’ and we felt we needed a bit more time to just stroll around, drink some wine, have some baguette ;)..so on the 27th we drove straight from our family in Holland to our lovely Airbnb in Paris.

Besides just taking it slow and do all of the above, we also spent a day at Disney (LOVED their light/fireworks show at the end of the day! I’m a big Disney fan anyway..but Frank loved it too..which means it probably really is pretty good ;)) a day at the amazing Musee d’Orsay and a day at beautiful Versailles. Oh and let’s not forget the amazing start of the new year: drinking champagne with the man I love underneath the sparkling Eiffel tower! :D HAPPY 2016!!

(Since my camera broke down a few weeks ago :'( I’m having trouble getting sharp pictures..so here are a few that came out sharp by accident! ;))






(did I mention I love Nutella Banana Crepes? ;))



4 thoughts on “Happy 2016!

  1. Leest en ziet eruit als n heel prettig verblijf in Paris! Heb er zelf ook heel goede herinneringen aan!
    Het lijkt me een heel goede start voor het jaar 2016! Veel geluk samen gewenst!

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