Life in Belgium so far..


It’s been a while since I posted and the reason is my broken camera :(! I was just about to buy a new one (Canon 70D) when I found out the 80D will launch now I’m trying very hard to do the sensible thing and wait for the new edition so I can compare them and make a sensible decision (bleh!!)..Anyway I’m stuck to taking photos with my old phone and it’s just not that much fun (read: super frustrating) ;)..

Enough complaining…we have been exploring our current home country for a bit these last couple of weeks and it has been fun!! We’ve done a beautiful hike in the snow in the Ardennes (can’t wait for spring, so we can go camping!), we’ve discovered a pretty large area of heather/moorland  (not sure what the word for heide is in english ;)), which is great for Sunday afternoon walks, we’ve visited Gent and Brugge and have found some great new spots in Antwerp as well..

Can’t wait for spring to arrive, so we can go explore some more! But first we’re going on a little skiing trip in 1,5 week!! France, we’re coming for you!

Some phone snaps:



The Ardennes in the snow <3

BruggeBrugge 2Brugge3

A windy day in Brugge! (must see!)


Exploring the moorland (heide ;))


New spots in Antwerp: Breakfast at Amuz and a visit to the Plantin Moretus museum :)


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