2,5 days in the Champagne Region

This past weekend, we (and everyone else in Belgium) had four days off due to a national holiday. And we could not be luckier: after weeks of grey skies and cold temperatures, we got treated to four days of blue skies and spring! :D I(t is in fact still hot and sunny at the moment…could this please last until September…pretty please?!)

Anyway, we had a trip planned to the Champagne region in France, which is just a three hour drive from Antwerp. We started out in Reims and spent two days exploring the region and the ‘Route Touristique de Champagne’. I actually found a pretty nice day drive on www.reisroutes.be (you receive a link to a pdf with a more detailed description). We also visited two champagne houses, Moët et Chandon and Canard Duchêne, and we really enjoyed both tours and tastings!

Reims turned out be a beautiful city a lovely spot to start and finish the day. Well recommended!








(Sorry collage maker wasn’t working, so lots of full size photos!)


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