3 days in Luxembourg

Another long weekend another trip! This time we wanted to do some hiking and since Luxembourg is just 2,5 hours away we decided it was worth a try. (And we were right…obviously ;))

On day one we drove to Vianden: a beautiful castle surrounded by green hills and a lovely little city. The castle itself was beautiful (and we are quite the critics ever since we visited a few gorgeous castles in Great Britain) and we spent a good couple of hours up there..after which we walked up one of the hills and went down with a cable car to the village, where we spent the rest of the day walking around.

Day two was all about Luxembourg city. I guess what I loved most about the city is just how green it is and how many beautiful viewpoints there are because of the different levels..We spent most of our time in Barrio Alto (lower part of Luxembourg) and in the afternoon Frank had arranged an amazing lunch at bistro Podenco (go there! Best tapas outside of Spain!).

On day three we did a 12km hike in Mullerthal, about 45 from Luxembourg City. This part of the country is referred to as Little Switzerland and when you see the photos below, you’ll know why!


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