Warsaw, Riga and St. Petersburg

On the 6th of August, after months of planning, booking and dreaming, it was time for our three month trip to Russia, Mongolia, China and Indonesia! 

First stop: a two day stay with friends in Warsaw. It was so great to see them again (they left Dubai two years ago), catch up, meet their sweet little girl and in the meantime visit the beautiful city of Warsaw.  Perfect start of our trip! (Accidentally deleted my photos of Warsaw…these are phonepics and one photo that somehow survived ;))

After a short 1,5 hour flight, we arrived in Riga on Monday for a 6 hour stopover. Just enough time to have lunch and do a little exploring :). Luckily the centre of Riga is pretty compact, so we managed to see quite a lot in just a few hours (and take a lot of photos ;)).

At 7 pm it was time for our next flight to St. Petersburg! First thing we did when we arrived in Mother Russia? Order a big mac…oops ;) Anyway: after we got ripped off by our taxi driver we arrived in our tiny appartment and fell asleep right away. 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were all about exploring big, beautiful, hip St. Petersburg. Highlights: the Hermitage (of course), the Church of the Savior on Spilled blood, the cute little coffeeshops (Candies!), the ballet (Swanlake!) and just the overall ‘imperial’ look and feel of the city. We absolutely loved our time in St. Petersburg and would recommend it to anyone!


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