Yekaterinburg and Krasnoyarsk

In the evening of the 17th of August we boarded the train for our very first long distance ride on the transsiberian railway: 28 hours from Moscow to Yekaterinburg! To say we were pleasantly surprised is an understatement…the train was modern, clean and just way better than expected. (Although a fellow Russian passenger warned us that this was the most luxurious train he had ever been on.. ;))

After a good night sleep (hooray!) and a day full of reading/sleeping/playing games we arrived in Yekaterinburg around 8 pm. Unfortunately our hotel was overbooked, so we had to settle for a hostel with a very, very dirty shower…grr. But anyway: the next morning the sun was shining, it was 30 degrees celsius and we were looking foward to spending our day discovering Yekaterinburg! :)

(Apparently playing a game of cards (10 phase, not poker) in a pub is forbidden, so we had to move to a closed vip room:D)

We came to Yekaterinburg to learn a bit more about the Romanovs and Russia’s fascinating history, so we booked a little tour for our second day. We had the most amazing guide, a historian called Konstantin, who told us everything we wanted to know and more! We first made a stop at the Europ-Asia border (where newlyweds come for goodluck, hence next to the official monument there is a wall of Champagne as well ;)), then went to the two burial sites of the last tsar and his family and servants (the Romanovs) and finished by visiting the newly opened Yeltsin museum (highly recommended!). A very very interesting day!

That evening it was time for our next (even longer) train ride to Krasnoyarsk. 32 hours of eating, sleeping, reading, playing games and of course enjoying the Siberian landscape :)

After a much needed freshening up in our hotel in Krasoyarsk (a grey concrete building which looks like an African Safari lodge on the inside ;)) we headed to Stolby National Park for a 5 hour hike. Felt great to be outdoors after 32 hours on the train!

In a few hours we take anothe train (only 17 hours :)) to Irkutsk near lake Baikal. Very much looking foward to spending a few days near the water!

P.s. Sorry for the long post.. :D


One thought on “Yekaterinburg and Krasnoyarsk

  1. Jullie zullen nu wel uitgerust zijn na die lange treinreizen / geniet maar van al het moois wat je tegenkomt en alle nieuwe indrukken!

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