Mongolia part 2

Hi again! We’re on the rooftop of our hotel in Beijing at the moment..tired, but happy to be here! Before we dive into China, I still wanted to share some photos of our remaining days in beautiful Mongolia. What a magnificent country…need to come back someday :)

So here we go: on the third day of our trip to inner Mongolia we drove all the way from the Orkhon Valley to Mini Gobi….a long but thin stretch of desert right in between green hills and mountains. They say a man once walked there who had a tiny hole in his pocket. The sand he had in this pocket and spilled while walking, turned into this mini Gobi :)

After a little time playing in the sand (we felt right at home ;)) we continued our drive to a beautifully located monestary.

After that, we drove to the next nomadic family that we would stay with. Lucky us: their ger was located on a hill (amazing views!!), their guest ger was beautiful, the family was super hospitable and their dog was the sweetest! The nights are a bit warmer in this part of Mongolia, so plenty of time for star gazing :) 

that little wooden house was our toilet!

The next morning we were surprised by our lovely host with warm flatbread with chocolate paste! (You can see our happy morning faces above ;)). After saying goodbye we drove to Hustai National Park to see wild Przwalski horses. On the way we saw wild vultures and lots of other animals…

We were told it is quite hard to spot the wild Przwalski horses, but after a steep climb up a hill we were rewarded with both an amazing view and two groups of wild horses. 

The next day, bank in Ulan Batar was all about taking multiple showers and catching up on sleep. The day after that (our last day in Mongolia) we went on a little tour past the huge Ghengis Khan statue and the highlights of Terelj National Park, which confirmed our thoughts: we need to come back to this country! Trust me: this country should be high on anyone’s travel list! 


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