Beijing and Pingyao

Hello from China! A country we had been curious about for quite a while now…and so far it has not dissapointed! 

About 1,5 weeks ago, we said goodbye to Iris, who was flying back home, and took the train from Ulan Bator to Beijing. A beautiful train ride from the Gobi desert in Mongolia to green hills and buzzing Beijing in China. In the middle of the night, at the border, the whole train carriage (including us) had to be lifted in the air to change the wheels as China has different tracks than Mongolia…. Fun experience!

We had four days in Beijing and decided to take our time, especially since I was coming down with a cold. So we used our days to (hang by the pool) (drink a lot of coffee) have Peking Duck and see the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, the Drum and Bell Tower, the Hutongs and the Great Wall of China :). The weather was amazing, the people were friendly (and everywhere ;)) and the the sights mentioned above were simply stunning. 

The Temple of Heaven:

Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City:

Around the Drum and Bell Tower:

These outdoor gyms are everywhere :)

Roasting ducks

The Great Wall of China:

Next stop: the ancient city of Pingyao. After a 4 hour ride on the bullet train we arrived in Pingyao, a well preserved city from the Ming dynasty. The old city is currently buzzing with Chinese tourists and tourist shops, but is still worth a visit! Especially when you’re staying in a quiet little courtyard hostel :). Another great way to see the charming town without all the hassle is to walk the city walls. We loved it!

Selling chestnuts to people on the wall

Thanks for reading! Next blog: Xian and Chengdu :)


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