Xian, Chian and the Yangtze

So, after Pingyao we took another bullet train to Xian, to see the famous Terracotta army. We had been warned that it might not be as impressive as we thought it would be, but I guess having low expectations works, because we really liked it! Especially since we could see the archeologists at work :)

We were a bit done with walking, so the next day we cycled on the city walls of Xian, before getting on the high speed train to Chengdu.

Our visit to Chengdu was all about food (the famous Sichuan kitchen) and pandas! It was so much fun to see them playing and climbing (never knew they were such great climbers!) and watching the fluffy newborns getting fed and just helplessly lying around :D

Some streetfood photos:

The next day we took the train to Chongqing for our Yangtze river cruise and I have to admit: it could not have come at a better time. After four busy cities we were tired and in need of some quiet time..We (and another couple ) were the youngest of the cruise, but it didn’t matter: we had a great time with our fellow senior travellers! The food was great, the karaoke nights were fun, the trip on shores of the river were interesting and the Yangtze was beautiful :) Just what we needed!

During our last night on the boat, we woke up at 2 am to watch the 5 giant ship locks (sluizen) as we made our way past the Three Gorges Dam. Amazing to watch! The next day we did a little tour to see the ship locks and dam up close.

the ship locks from above


2 thoughts on “Xian, Chian and the Yangtze

  1. Hi, hi……..met jullie gesproken commentaar van afgelopen zaterdag, komt jullie reis en al jullie belevenissen nog meer tot leven / prachtig / de foto’s geven echter wel een zeer rustig beeld …….waar zijn al die mensen/ Chinezen ????? Ha,ha!
    Op weg naar het volgende land…..veel plezier!

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