Guilin and Shanghai

Our last two stops in China! The contrast between the two could not have been bigger as you will see below. 

Let’s start at the beginning: After 4 days in Yangshuo we headed for Guilin, a town not too far away. We used most of our time there to make plans for the following weeks, stroll around the lakes and watch groups of elderly people dance and do tai chi. We also booked a driver to bring us to the Longji rice terraces for a day. The area was beautiful and we ended up doing a 6 hour walk (with a 1,5 hour detour ;)) along the rice fields. Great day!

After a 9,5 hour train ride (our last!!) we arrived in Shanghai, our final destination in China. Since it was the Golden Week, when everyone in China has their holidays, we had set our expectations low in terms of what we would be able to see and do in two days. Turns out we were right: people everywhere! We still managed to see the Shanghai museum, the Urban Planning Center, the Bund and much more :). Overall a fitting ending to our amazing time in China.