Bali and the Gili islands

I think the signs below perfectly sum up our 2,5 weeks on Bali and the Gili Islands: surfing, beach, yoga, snorkling, food…yeah these weren’t the most adventurous weeks of our journey, but most certainly the most relaxed! ;)

First stop: Uluwatu, otherwise know as surf heaven! Great beaches, perfect waves, (healthy) food on the (hidden) beaches…Our favorites were Green Bowl Beach (tiny white beach with its own cave) and Karma Beach (luxurious lagoon). 

Next stop: Ubud. Although the city is purely focused on tourists, it still has its charm. We were nevertheless happy to have a hotel just outside Ubud, in between the rice terraces…nice and quiet! (Inang Villa, highly recommended!) From there, we did a cooking class (I know from a certain ex-colleague of mine (yes I mean you James) that Indonesian food is amazing! Had to give it a try!), paid a visit to the nearby temples, monkey forrest, rice terraces and did a sunrise hike up a volcano (where we couldn’t see anything, because of the clouds :P).
Monkeys, temples and rice terraces:

Some snaps of our (surprisingly successful) cooking class: lots of coconut, lots of peanuts and lots of lovely fresh ingredients!

The view from the top of the volcano:

Next stop: Gili Meno, one of the famous Gili Islands (just next to Lombok). Lots of yoga, paddle boarding (well…we tried ;)) and snorkling (with nemos and sea turtles!!).

And last but not least: Frank had surf lessons! Not sure if he ever wants to do it again, but hey, he tried ;) 

We had an amazing time and will need to come back some day to see more of this beautiful country! Thank you Indonesia!


Three more reasons why we love Sri Lanka!

3. Elephants!

Right after we arrived in Colombo, we drove to the elephant orphanage. I mean, what better way to start your holiday than hugging a few tiny (and yet big) baby elephants! :D



4. History/culture

The north of Sri Lanka has a lot of beautiful and historical buddhist places to visit. Since we had limited time, we choose to visit Sigiriya. It turned out to be a good choice: thunder and rainstorms were emerging around to us while we climbed the many many steps, took photos of the monkeys and held our breaths to avoid attacks of the giant hornets buzzing around us..Once we were on top of the giant rock, the view was spectacular and well worth the struggle (tip: don’t do this if you’re afraid of heights!). Beautiful!




In Kandy (our hometown for those couple of days), we visited the Temple of the Tooth. Again: interesting and beautiful!



5. Nature/green!

When you live in Dubai, you just need to have a shot of green every once in a while. Frank and I have been working all summer, so we were desperate to see some trees, flowers, animals..Well, fellow Dubai residents, Sri Lanka is the place to be! Even after our short trip we were fully energised and ready to face the desert again! :)


IMG_8649 IMG_8541 IMG_8532 IMG_8726

Thank you Sri Lanka, we really hope to see you again!

Japan Part 1 (Tokyo)

Konnichiwa from beautiful Japan!

We’re in Kyotot today, hanging in the hotel for a few hours, because it’s raining outside and our legs are tired from all the site seeing and traveling :). Perfect timing for an update on the blog..

About one-and-a-half weeks ago, we started our holiday in Tokyo and we fell in love with it right away: colourful people (everyone you see has it’s own unique style), beautiful shrines, modern but not ‘Western’, busy but not chaotic etc etc.

Here are some (okay a lot of) pictures of our first day, enjoy!


* view from our hotel window, good morning Tokyo!


* Picking out a man to spend the day with (I chose Frank, in case you were wondering ;))


* first temple/shrine (first of many many many)



* colourful Harajuku!



* Sake!




* wishing tree (It was part of a beautiful temple, but we were most impressed by the tree….must be because there are no trees like this in Dubai :))


* First Japanese food (too bad you can’t see Frank’s face: he loves it!)


* Cherry on the cake: this beautiful couple: just married! :)

As you can see: lots of first/good impressions and lots of pictures on our first day in Japan. It has been such a wonderful experience so far…can’t wait to post some more! (if I ever find the time to make a selection out of all my photos….pfff ;))